More than Just An Internet Connection: A podcast

March 13, 2007 at 10:34 am Leave a comment

Making podcasting accessible is a concern of  colleges.  There is concern for understanding the end users experience as much as there is a need to understand actual technical guidelines.  I agree with the comments delivered in the podcast by educause called, “More Than Just An Internet Connection: What You Need To Know About Making Websites Accessible.  The speaker Gregory Fiero from Manate College in Florida describes the need for understaning the end user charastics, their limitations, how they interact and what assistive technology they use.  I liked how he broke down users into general disability catagories and talked about the assistive devices they use, the barriers they face and ways to solve them.

Secondly he spoke about the postive effect universal design can have for all users as well as business.  Multi-modality solutions for mobile devices and PDA’s which do not support graphics need to be accessible for all people.  Adding to this are the percentages of disabled people which vary drastically as people get older  Younger users being 12% ranging up to older adults at age 60 amounting to 40%.  I had not thought of how age impacts not only college service needs but marketing for business products.

What I heard reinforced the idea that in order to make a campus wide effort of accessibility work people need to understand the end user experience.  I believe the webmasters know how to  code and use web authoring software.  I assume compliance is not a difficult task in terms of code.  Verification can spot most of it but other portions need to be recognized manually with an perspective of the user.


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accessibility for podcasting

this special topic will look at how podcasting is made accessible for people who can not hear them. Primarily the way podcasts are being made accessible are through providing scripts to people. Secondly captions are being added. Captions can be created on full screen or in a caption box. It was mentions to me by an accessibility specialist that users prefer to have a choice. Having a choice people tend to choose captions that are created in a caption box rather than floating in a full screen


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